Agility – and how to benefit from it

To keep up you have to embrace agility and avoid outdated approaches to management to change traditional day-to-day working. You have to be equipped with the skills needed to deal with any type of challenge and still be productive from wherever you work.

An agile workplace is not limited to employees but includes management. Leadership figures play a crucial role in it. They have to be flexible enough to adapt the rules constantly to stay competitive and empower employees to reach higher levels.

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Food or Reskilling?

According to the World Economic Forum 50% of your employees will need reskilling by 2025. Self-leadership skills including active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility are becoming a lot more important.

A simple way to boost employee motivation

Remember your favourite classes in school? Chances are you had decent, let alone good grades without putting in too much effort. Nothing really changed. Motivation is boosted when training courses combine what your employees want to learn with what you need them to learn.

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New World – New Leaders

Ideally, leadership training happens out of the comfort zone. It has more impact that way. For me, there is a clear distinction between training to lead people and training to lead yourself. They are different sides of the same coin, where one does not get very far without the other. In both cases you learn…

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